il mostro si fa nero, sempre più, sempre più minaccioso e non sopporto l’idea di uscire. senza sapere più cosa fare se non violentare di idee e parole chi mi sta vicino o allontanarmi ancora di più dai miei impegni. vorrei solo potermi sventrare e spezzare da dentro in modo da ricostruirmi nuovo e senza più difetti.
è il tuo sangue o il mio sangue questo?

Not knowing how to love condemns me and condemns all of you who look at me. An infant in a body not incapable of him, obsessive, morbid, needy, I just want to accuse myself of killing you with my own hands, with my own lips. My hands are stained with blood and now that the murders are over I realize my slaughter.
I ask for forgiveness and pray that you can be happy, that you can have a good life and have it with your own hands.

No man should die for his or her father. There should never be a difference between a person who has a good father and someone who doesn't. I wish I had more time to explain this to you then I do.

I beg you to have patience and not to go through all this thinking you have for your sons and daughters. Go out in your own ways and ask your older brothers and sisters, and let them know that this is not just about you, it's about your children and your grandchildren. They won't be happy and they won't be strong.
This is very hard to get, it's painful to deal with emotionally, to work through and to feel. So, you need to take care of your other kids well and go out. This is what I call an "outro", you know, this is what those words mean.

It's no longer just about me, this is a world that exists today, that can, in many ways, change and...