lied eines engels (song of an angel) 

A call for an angel. A protection. If the child was a child.

A bedtime song sang by my father every night when I was a child, a collective memory of a past that goes beyond my memory.


Nithael, angel 54, born between 17 and 21 December

Nithael, or Niyathel, or Niyitha’el, is the 54th Breath and the sixth angelic ray in the Venusian Choir of the Principality Angels, in which he administers the energies of Venus. Its element is the Fire; has Zodiac domicile from the 25th to the 30th of Sagittarius and is the Guardian Angel of those born between 17 and 21 December.

The six Guardian Angels of Sagittarius are powers that collectively make their born loyal, kind, energetic and independent people, capable of managing power but also of being generous with the weak, the oppressed; proud and impulsive, these newborns are also ready to forget the wrongs. Nithael is also the last of the Principality angels that belongs to the group of the 6 angels of the Constellation of Sagittarius: which, according to Sibaldi, also have the specific characteristic of being united by very similar qualities, which is not found in the energies angelic of no other zodiac sign; it is very rare that two Angels of the same sign resemble one another. These 6 Principalities, on the other hand, seem to be a sort of variation on the same existential theme, which Sibaldi calls "the Castle": the one that seems to be represented, between 2 towers, in the pictogram of the 3 root-letters of the Name of Vehuel (the first of the Principalities ).

And he adds that the Principalities, precisely, are the Angels of Beauty: Dante, in full respect of the Kabbalah, places them in the third heaven of Paradise, that of Venus. Beauty is that something which is captured in form, but which goes beyond the forms themselves: and all their protégés seem to be posited, on an existential level, as "above" with respect to others, as they seek a form of identity in themselves higher, bigger than the simple "I."
If for many who are content to belong to some "we" (nation, team, company, family, religion, race) the "I" is not even considered yet, and for many others the "I" is a point of arrival (already being able to be oneself is a great achievement), for those born under these angels the ego is even a door, the beginning of a way, beyond which they are impatient to venture. Therefore the "we" can bore them and oppress them, as well as stop at the simple acceptance and satisfaction of the "I".
The name of Nithael means "King of Heaven"

The gift dispensed by Nithael is the LEGACY.

Nithael dispenses the energies of Venus in the Venusian choir of the Principalities: he is therefore a fully Venusian angel, a bearer of Beauty, art and sensitivity; it dominates in fact on the artistic and aesthetic talents, it is considered the angel that helps to perceive the nobility of heart, and it can also dispense a capacity of regeneration that helps to preserve youth in itself; it gives centering, ability to welcome others, helps to achieve celebrity and prestige.
Haziel says, in fact, that the angel Nithael infuses beauty, delicacy, grace, the artistic sense and all the powers emanating from the Life Swirls of the Column of the Right of the Tree of Life. His protégés will bring these values to the material world, which thanks to them will reflect them in a brilliant, dazzling way, because this Angel grants his protégés the command over the Spiritual Forces of this Column.

It is the power of King Solomon. (...) ensures the friendship of lucky people, which promotes prosperity in general, moral and material. It can also be said that Nithael is the angel of money, understood as a social and worldly power. The person (...) will therefore love beautiful things and elegance.

But unfortunately not everyone understands the true nature of these gifts, which are only a symbol and a reflection of the most splendid goods, and must be used to bring common well-being and spiritual light. It may therefore happen that many people born under this Angel misunderstand it, ending up clinging to the material goods and to their preservation, and it is in this situation, continues Haziel, that the Angel of the Abyss contrary to Nithael has the possibility to exercise his own negative influence.
We know that according to the Kabbalah three verses of the Exodus (each composed of 72 letters), conceal the code of the 72 Names of God; and precisely verses 19, 20 and 21 of chapter 14. Regarding the origins of the letters in the root-trigram of this Name, nun-yod-thaw, the Nun (fish) comes from: "The cloud column also moved and from before it passed back "(Exodus, 14, 19). The Yod (hand) comes from (Exodus, 14, 20): "finding himself between the camp of the Egyptians and that of Israel"; while the Thaw (cross) comes from (Exodus 14, 21): "and the Eternal, throughout the night, withdrew (dried up) the sea with strong wind from the East". These signs suggest that this angel helps the regeneration of vital energy (interpr. Muller-Baudat)