Before your death I see flowers. After your death I see


A small, visual book, with a strong interaction between the flowering season of flowers and their dithering. Similarly, both the space and the director are sharing the same process, experiencing the stages of pain and loss and, in general, the cycle of life. A tribute to the temporality of life and the timelessness of the film medium.


A man with no memory or name finds himself in the last place to survive a cataclysm that wiped out mankind. The sun no longer rises. The waters rise and slowly swallow the city, which lights up desperately with an unnatural glow and sings its last stories. The improper use of resources and fire by humanity will call upon the protagonist, who will slowly understand his divine nature and his anger, making him live the last moments before his death, until the acceptance of his destiny and of the nature of life, thus deciding to trigger an irreversible process that will only lead in one direction.

Icaro I

"Film is nothing more than light, and this light takes 8 minutes and a half to travel from the sun to our eyes. "

Alexander is merging himself with Icaro. Between the Earth and the Sun, a persistent connection that pushes him back and forward in time, and slowly fades inside the sun, as his only reason of living. This and other short films will be part of this merging between Icaro and me, between the past and the future, between our star and Earth.

lied eines engels (song of an angel)

A call for an angel. A protection. If the child was a child.

A bedtime song sang by my father every night when I was a child, a collective memory of a past that goes beyond my memory.


Performance curated by the coreographer AVATARA AYUSO and professor ANGEL MARTINEZ ROGER.

the work is complemented by a video installation by HECTOR SOLARI and a panel discussion with HECTOR SOLARI, DIETER JAENICKE, RICHARD SIEGAL, FREDERIC FLAMAND ABD OTHER ARTISTS.
Created for the Venice biennale, the work is an adaptation of the original, which debuted in 2017 in Hellerau, the European center of arts in Dresden, treaty of the project “BUILDING THE FUTURE”, directed by DIETER JAENICKE and edited by HECTOR SOLARI.


FASHION AT IUAV 2018 is a polyphonic authorial project. The artistic direction of the Graduation Show is by Mario Lupano with Cristina Zamagni, directed by Gina Monaco with Niccolò Magrelli. The visual identity is by Alessandro Gori.Laboratorium. Martina Giammaria and Jacopo Benassi photograph the collections for publication. The Graduation Show is opened by a photographic performance by Benassi and is punctuated by a performance interlude by Marco Mazzoni, who recently published the book Atlas Soccer (bruno, 2016). The sound design is by Max Holzer for the triennial and by Carlos Finger for the magistral.


@andrea_maragno_jvlt “DESIGN+ZEN “ WORKSHOP AT @fabricaresearchcentre ; DESIGN WHITHOUT DESIGN; performance is ISKANDER BECOMING CAMERA, first performance ever made and introducing my way to approach reality; filmed by @champhignon



@andrea_maragno_jvlt “DESIGN+ZEN “ WORKSHOP AT @fabricaresearchcentre ; DESIGN WHITHOUT DESIGN; performance is ISKANDER BECOMING CAMERA, second performance ever made and introducing my way to approach reality; filmed by @champhignon


@andrea_maragno_jvlt “DESIGN+ZEN “ WORKSHOP AT @fabricaresearchcentre ; DESIGN WHITHOUT DESIGN; performance is ISKANDER BEING ISKANDER, first performance ever made and introducing my way to approach reality; filmed by @champhignon

@andrea_maragno_jvlt “DESIGN+ZEN “ WORKSHOP AT @fabricaresearchcentre ; DESIGN WHITHOUT DESIGN; performance is CAMERA BECOMES ISKANDER, first performance ever made and introducing my way to approach reality; filmed by @champhignon



A photograph that is not a still life.
Space and Time. 15/16/17.10.19
Fabrica Workshop with Jonathan de Villiers

Photographs are in some ways the exact opposite of films. They are anti-time, motionless. A still does not move, does not change. Films, on the other hand, necessarily move and change over time. Making successful photographs involves boiling the world down so that the thing to be said is said without movement or time. Pictures often fail because the moment captured is insufficiently precise and we are not clear about the idea or emotion communicated. Conversely, successful films must use movement and time effectively or they bore us. We have all had the experience of feeling our time is being wasted by some movie that does not know where it is going.

A photograph is a two dimensional form in space, film a similarly two dimensional form that moves through time. (You know, motion pictures). Like other two dimensional art forms, both utilise many devices to give the illusion of the third dimension, (lighting, composition, depth of field etc.) but it is the fourth dimension: time, that marks the profound difference between them.


Experimental short film, A visual research back to my greek origins through a ritual from my father and ancient greek traditions. KATHARSIS means refers to the purification and purgation of emotions through any extreme change in emotion that results in renewal and restoration. 


Second short film ever made, for the cinema course of the Academy Of Fine Arts in Venice.
Mitera is a docu-fiction set in the Venice Lido, based on Andrej Tarkovskij and Wim Wenders works.

- In a dystopian future, the entire Mediterranean sea is polluted to such an extent that it pushes man away from the beaches, because of his unconsciousness. You see signs of the human presence that characterize the sandy deserts and you hear the words of the shaman that evoke the force of nature now bare.
Mitera (Mother) is a film about the meaning of life, in its fullness and perpetual cycle, regardless of our existence, but with a last hope of giving us yet another chance.



Experimental visual research for Jean-Charles de Castelbajac



Two probes to explore the solar system beyond the limits we already know. In addition to this their primary purpose is
have been designed to have even a second-end: spread a message in space, in the hope that some alien (intelligent) life form sooner or later receive it.
On each of the probes, in fact, a copy of the Voyager Golden Record, a gramophone record that has been inserted
contains images and sounds of the Earth. If the probes stop working, a possible extraterrestrial civilization could recover them and find the disks with the data.
It therefore reveals that in addition to being a desperate message of peace and proof of
human will that far exceeds its nature - it could also be a sort of time capsule, found by us but in a context and in the near future, almost to freeze what represents us and our nature, fossil, which will last forever in that form.

My work follows this strand and desperately wants to fish from the past, to remain in the future, regardless of memory or the physical nature of things.


Short film realized for the shooting with the models Paul Baah and Sarah Misciali, inspired by the album “Black America Again” of Common.


short trailer of Mario Dice SS18 about the secret history of Lucrezia Borgia