Personal selection for a collective exhibition for Vittorio Sgarbi and his iniative  I MILLE DI SGARBI, of Hiroshima and Kiki, both of them present in my exhibition -YPOSKOME-

I Mille di Sgarbi is a selection of artists chosen personally by Vittorio Sgarbi to be part of an exhibition curated and documented in the catalog by Italy's most famous art critic. The first edition of the event was held in Cervia, in the setting of the Magazzini del Sale, in a single exhibition from Friday 31 May to Sunday 9 June 2019.
This exhibition is also a photograph of the state of contemporary art in Italy, with the aim of making known the work of the artists who live and create on the Italian territory. Vittorio Sgarbi personally selects the works sent by the artists, as well as curating the exhibition and the preface of the catalog.

For the first edition of Cervia, in 3 months more than a thousand nominations have arrived from all regions of Italy (a little, to allude to the ironic title, like the "Thousand" of Garibaldi who landed in Sicily in 1860) but Sgarbi he worked hard with scissors and selected just over 100 in the various disciplines: painting, sculpture, photography, digital art and ceramics. The second edition of "The Thousand" arrives in Cortina d'Ampezzo, with an exhibition lasting two months, from February 7th to April 13th 2020, to be held at the Ciasa de Ra Regoles, a historic building dating back to the 19th century. from the typical Austrian architecture, and home to the Museum of Modern Art Mario Rimoldi.

Says Vittorio Sgarbi: “In the midst of artists whose style is known, there are many to be enjoyed with interest, probably with artistic paths that are still not very consolidated, but that have their own originality and something to say beyond the ritual banality to which we have accustomed contemporary art. The show is a showcase to say: here, these artists are to be followed, let's see how their production will evolve ".

The exhibition will be open from 7 February to 13 April 2020.

KIKI and  HIROSHIMA were the chosen one for the exhibition. Both were part of  yposkome exhibition

Opening of the exhibition with Vittorio Sgarbi.