• participation in the creation and care of an exhibition organized by the "Vignato Foundation for Art", in Vicenza
  • participation in a public collective exhibition with four photographic works, at Bocciodromo (Vicenza)
  • Collective exhibition with collaboration of the photographic group ADF at the Antica osteria Trastevere (Vicenza) during the Jazz Festival
  • Publication of a personal project "Violent Youth" on a paper / online magazine by BlueLit
  • Publication of a personal project "Violent Youth" by an online collective "Fashion Grunge" (attached as a folder)


  • Work involvement at Kiev, Ukraine during Design Week 2017
  • Admitted to pre-selections for admission to the "Master of Photography" contest including 10 photographers exclusively selected, in 11th place.
  • Work experience at two fashion shows by fashion designer Mario Dice as backstage photographer


  • Publication of a visual communication project "behind third parties" on and other local portals (in collaboration with Marina Marques and Matteo DeLuca)
  • Publication of personal works on blackhaus casadiringhiera (online magazine)


  • Personal exhibition, YPOSXOME at L’Idea showroom (Piazza Dei Signori 56, Vicenza), curated by Robert Phillips
  • Fabricante at FABRICA, in Treviso, during Michelle Mallard's curatorship as artistic director and during the return of Oliviero Toscani as Fabrica's department head, later thanks to this experience we participated in several workshops with Jonathan DeVilliers, Rejene DalBello, Anastasia Panayiotidou, Erik Kessel and others
  • Participation during the Nantes Festival during "NANTES UTOPIALES HACKATON, 2 & 3 November 2018> AsterIdea> BE HUMAN IN SPACE"
  • participation as assistant photographer at the VENEZIA PHOTO with VINCENT PETERS and  JULIA FULLERTON-BATTEN


  • exhibition with the collective FROM DISCO TO DISCO with other photographers at Tela Bianca (Vicenza)
  • selected for a collective exhibition for Vittorio Sgarbi and his iniative  I MILLE DI SGARBI  
  • 6 months period in the department of “Art 'n Sound “ at NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences (Leeuwarden, Netherlands)

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Iskander is an alias that moves itself through the digital and non-digital world. It’s the simple result of
a father's choice for a name, Alexander, that in greek means “Defender of Mankind”, but reading it within
his eastern variant.
Iskander is a symbol for conjunction, a mixture between western and eastern societies, from political and
social themes to self-exploration, from photography to video installation and performances. His research
within himself and his surroundings, from the common to the sacre, and especially the connection
with his origins, are all dominant themes of his works.